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The story about Saguaro.

Tony's Unique garden art, interior wall art, and 3D sculptures are available from this web site.

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Whimsical Yard Art / Whimsical Wall Art / Whimsical 3D Sculpture

COPYRIGHT NOTICE this site, all art shown here, and all that has been adopted by art collectors and is now out in the real world, that was created by Anthony M Longo, is the copyright of Time Out Studio and Anthony M Longo. The copying of movie "cartoonature" characters that are original art by Tony Longo art could lead to a $250,000 fine or 5 years in jail it will all up the the FBI! Please make your own art, or call for the use of any of Tony Longo's Cartoonatures for licensing!

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Whimsical Fish! Whimsical Art! has some of the most whimsical, intriguing, and moving "Art that heals through laughter" online. 1000's of pieces sold the world over!

Meet the artist at the Sunday Beach Show in Santa Barbara.
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All of the "Cartoonature"of fish, frogs, bugs and whimsical art are being animated into short Indi-Animi movie  creations! If you have some of these great art works you'll see them in an Animi films by artist Tony Longo SOON!