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Born October 14th 2008

Adopted Dec 20th 2008

Bello is a MalaMut - Woof - Mix full of Love! 

He is strong willed and very smart, you’ll be seeing him soon down at the Beach on Sundays in Santa Barbara! He is trained to be calm!

See ya soon! down at the Art Show!

This is the (new) dog, that sheds his fur, that make the burshes, that spreads the powdered glass, that makes the fish and critters look wet, that go off to new homes, and help the world smile and laugh! His name is Bello Amore!

Bello at 12 weeks with a rubber Bone and then here he is 8 weeks later with the same rubber Bone! Boy how he's grown(ing)!
Bello 2 months and 7 months