These are live action photos!

Making and painting the layers of the fish and critters!

Here are the frogs, fish, flowers, bugs and other creations being made by Tony Longo.

There are all one of a kind pieces. The end results are the fun garden art, wall fish and frogs and all the fountains and wall other sculptures!

Thanks for taking a closer look on how the creation process in done!

Just drop an e mail to order you own one of a kind creation! While there is still time to work directly with the artist!

Yes it was a bad hair day, but you are looking at the art... and the creative process, so he will look tidy and clean at the shows!

There is a self portrait the mix, can you tell which photo was taken by the artist himself?

Big hint look at photo to the left ...

Yep that's the one!


Here you see him doing a run at dotting the eyes!

After these firings the glass is melted on in the final firing!


Creation Photos!

Here's a few photos of the Artist Tony Longo making art work in the Time Out Sculpture Studio, Santa Barbara. CA!

Come see them when they are finished at the Beach Show, and other Art Festivals.

Fish time!