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The Art Work From Time Out Studio

Sculpting in clay dates back further than 10,000 BC, but these whimsical characters come from a spontaneous flow of creativity that started in the early 70’s. Tony Longo works just as traditional potters have for centuries, he throws the bodies on a wheel, then flattens them, changes their shapes, and stretches them so they are thin and light. He adds fish or body parts like feet or fins, eyes, nose, lips, teeth and tongue. After sculpting in clay, metal and wood for over 33 years, 8 years of college, two degrees, working for himself in many business, Corporate America, and traveling, Mr. Longo makes his time here count by, acting locally and Thinking Globally. We can make our world a little bit better and improve the lives of those around us by giving back to our communities and the world!

When did he start doing these whimsical creations? At 8 he was looking at trading cards from one of the worlds greatest artists, "Big Daddy" Roth. It was the monsters in cars and dragsters printed on baseball trading cards that inspired Tony to paint sculpt, and draw. He used paper, wood and clay in his first pieces, and after having a little success with 2-D art, Tony took to working in clay like a fish to water. He was awarded in school for being a young talented artist, and went on to work at The Clay works and Toasted Earth and Tumble Weed Studios in Los Angles. That's where he learned production pottery and firing techniques, along with the development of his distinctive cartoon type characters. His loving father passed away, so he enrolled in college where he broadened is knowledge of form, style, structure and glazes. He stopped in Tahoe for a summer job and ended up buying a ski shop at age 21, he took a break from sculpting and painted and played music in night clubs. Tony embarked on many successful summer ventures like fighting fire for the forest service, cutting fire word, managing a moped rental, building homes and creating burl wood furniture. After 9 years he sold his business and decided to be closer to his family near LA. Tony became a Mortgage Broker, and was a fish out of water, he wanted to give back to his community and needed to get back to creating art, so from 1991 to 1995 he volunteered to teach for Free Arts For Abused Children in Los Angles at the Eric Erickson Center. That’s where he discovered how to change people’s lives by combining art with laughter, it helped young and old people heal and was a catalyst for positive changes. At the center he started making the proto types of fish and critters you see today. Those whimsical creations helped those students learn that Fine Art is more than just clay splattered and framed on the wall. Fine art is moving, positive, and can be funny. After leaving the center, and traveling for over a year he settled down in his newly adopted town of Santa Barbara, where he reopened an art studio and started developing new generation of fish and critters. Santa Barbara has so may talented artists and great art education centers that the area helped Tony grow and mature into a insightful artist who's characters are pulled out of his everyday life. He open and ran a retail store called Made In Santa Barbara for 3 holiday seasons, but found it took too much time from his own art so he now concentrates on expanding the presence his own art has in the community and the world. He never stops learning and experimenting so he is always coming up with something new. The process in an evolution of life's changes and remaining flexible to the changes that make life to wonderful.


Working with fire has lead Tony to start working with glass, and he is now incorporating glass and metal in many of his sculptures. The process is old but the mixture and shapes are all new! The are art that will be remembered, and Mr. Longo would like to be remembered for making “Art that heals through laughter”.

If you like what you see drop us a line (call) or e mail us and hook up with a trophy prize creation or a school of fish that will brighten your home or office! Watch your family and friends light up and glow when you share these fine Art collectibles with them.