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Fused Glass Fins

The latest in fish technology is the fusing and casting of fins in different types of glass. Clay and glass are close relatives and chemically very similar! Fussed glass and fussed Diachronic glass are the newest additions to the latest creations made by Tony Longo. OK so why glass you might ask, well it is a lot like clay, but some fantastic colors are only found in glass. Like using the new Diachronic colors!  The use of Fusing glass is an ancient process that was first developed by the Egyptians. It was lost popularity as an art for a few centuries until it was revived in the early 1970's as the next best thing to sliced bread. Now,  lets get to the What....What is Diachronic Glass?

To make Diachronic glass it has to be inserted in a vacuum chamber and fused with metal oxides which give the glass the sparkly, iridescent look. It was used for science and then it was used by artists because of its spectacular colors and beauty. The process is so lengthy, diachronic glass is costly. We love the end result, you will too. It is well worth the price.

These new fins are made for new new creations with casting molds, or they have been hand cut, ground for a polished finish, and then fused in a kiln for several hours at temperatures from 1320 to 1673 degrees. Fused or any glass for that matter has to  cool slowly so the crystals can form and not crack. Some items have been cast in a mold and then fused to achieve a certain look or color.