36,500 days! 52,560,000 Minutes in 100 Years!
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As an artist I see things form a different point of view, some call it Longo Logic, but it is more of a connection to everything that is here and maybe not here on Earth. I can not take my life, family or friends for granted, I must make every day the best I can...

There are 36,500 days if you live to 100, not many when you think about it. I live life life by the day. There is not really any time to kill people, and if we look at life as it is, very short, we maybe able to rise to a higher place when it comes to how we humans treat each other, and the planet we live on.

Please take a moment to reflect. Just think about it, from 20 to 80 you have 60 years, 21,900 days, with 1/3 of the time sleeping and 1/3 working or doing something for others, you are left with only 7,300 days! Make the most of the days you have and make this planet the best it can be. Help others, and do something to get along with others, instead of fight. I do want people to pay for their harm to others, but in a constructive way, prisons cost 1000's and do not stop crime. We need to educate everyone and keep everyone fed and clothes with a roof over their heads. If we could only help and heal each other, we could have a Heaven on earth. When you want to harm others even with a good reason, you are making the planet more hostile..... Please lest give peace a chance. To read more just click here.

I saw the movie "RENT", and wish I had seen the live play, but there it is 525,600 minutes, that make up a year, add 2 zeros to it and you have 100 years, moments, less than the time it takes for a spark g going off in your head when you look at how old the universe is, and how long it takes light from distant starts to reach our eyes when we look up at night!

One World, One People, all we are saying ... is give peace a chance.