Tony will at the Beach Show Most Sundays!

All Orders are orginated from there!

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Thank you all for your support and patronage!

FISH ALERT! PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL with you name and contact info if you have bought artwork! All sales are now from Sunday's Beach show. Tony has no current plans to leave Santa Barbara to sell art. Please know that all sales are now Beach Show Sales!



Anthony M Longo AKA: "Tony" Longo has a NEW display in The Santa Barbara Sunday Beach Show! 

Tony in is now setting up in spacesSpaces #40 to 45

Across from El Torito, on the beach side of Anacappa and Cabrillo.


E-MAIL ALERT! PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL with photos of your art, the name on the Cartoonature, along with any name change and get a peeping clam free! Yep! Free Clam for info on the Cartoonature art work that has been adopted!